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Writen on the Bathroom Wall's Journal
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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
8:52 pm
Праздники и подарки на праздник на женском сайте

Исходя из изложенного, делаем вывод, что добиться красоты рук и ног можно не только в специальных салонах, но и дома. Здесь важно желание и постоянство. Конечно, мастера имеют возможность использовать массу процедур для создания более быстрого эффекта или при наличии каких-либо проблем, но можно успешно ухаживать за ручками и ножками самостоятельно.

Женский журнал и женское пожудение

Что мы хотели бы спросить про женский журнал? Курс восстановления волос достаточно длинный, не менее 4 сеансов в месяц, и его необходимо повторять ежеквартально. Об окрашивании волос не может быть и речи, ни до каутеризации, ни после. Между процедурами рекомендуется проводить дополнительный уход косметическими средствами. Такое сочетание салонного и домашнего лечения будет особенно эффективно. Женская карьера и женский журнал: праздники и подарки на праздник на женском сайте. А ведь танец живота – это одно из лучших средств профилактики преждевременных родов, профилактики осложнений после родов. Если вы будете танцевать этот танец, хотя бы 15минут в день, у вас будет налажено кровообращение в малом тазу, соответственно хорошо будет работать кишечник. Это залог прекрасного цвета лица, крепкого пресса, здоровых эластичных мышц, крепких суставов и прекрасного самочувствия. Хотите быть здоровыми и счастливыми? Танцуйте танец живота!

Материалы про женские имена ...Collapse )
Monday, October 25th, 2010
4:01 pm
Faberlic Cosmetics
Faberlic oxygen cosmetics is a relatively new kid on the block of party plan home business companies, having been around for a mere 13 years. However, during that relatively short space of time, they have turned themselves into a multi-national company on a par with great names such as Avon and Oriflame. If you are interested in the Faberlic cosmetics opportunity, is this a good home business for you to invest in?

Faberlic have cornered a remarkable corner of the cosmetics industry in a remarkable corner of the world - Russia. Using the data from recent research by their scientists, they have created a range of products that work by supplying oxygen to skin cells for up to 8 hours a day.

Recognising the degenerative reaction skin has to drop in atmospheric oxygen to around 17-19%, they have perfected a portfolio of cosmetics designed to combat the premature aging process and arrest the reduction of skin firmness and elasticity.

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Sunday, June 20th, 2010
10:30 pm
Макияж Pupa – все для красоты
Декоративная косметика уже давно стана обязательным атрибутом любой женщины – ведь именно
средства для макияжа призваны придать завершающие штрихи женской неземной красоте.

Декоративная косметика Пупа

Торговая марка Pupa известна своей декоративной косметикой на рынке красоты чуть более 30 лет. С начала своей деятельности эта косметическая компания прославилась своими наборами декоративной косметики Пупа, по которым и стала узнаваема, а наборы для макияжа Pupa стали синонимом хорошего подарка.Read more...Collapse )
Friday, June 26th, 2009
11:01 am
Welcome to Unique Enterprises.
We look at over a thousand cars a week to purchase

the very few that are clean and priced right. This

way, we can pass the savings onto you and put you

in a good quality vehicle. We are here to give you

the service you desire and the excellence you deserve!



Feel free to call Dean or Felicia at 1-505-832-5106
or e-mail Felicia any questions you may have!

Thank you for your business!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
2:12 pm
Time has come
Green Day is releasing a new album on May 15th, titled 21st Century Breakdown. Below is a widget where you can check out the new single, Know Your Enemy, and follow what the band has going on right now.

Monday, July 14th, 2008
3:11 am
Your Dog Can Speak! by Gareth Heath - ArticleCity.com
Your Dog Can Speak!
 by: Gareth Heath
Although dog barking can be a serious problem for those owners who live in apartments, teaching your dog to bark on your command is one of the coolest tricks you can teach him. I like to call this "Bark On Command." Here's how you can teach your dog to bark on your command:

Wait for a door bell or anything that may cause your dog to bark. The moment he starts to bark, say: "Speak, Speak ... , Good Boy (or Girl of course) , Good speak..." Repeat this for a couple of days and keep in mind that you will get the best result if this can be practiced a few times per day. You can even stimulate your dog to bark; for example if you know that he barks when the doorbell rings, use that as a stimulator and get him to bark and immediately say your magic sentence: Speak , Speak, ... One thing to remember is whenever your are praising your dog using your voice, the more excitement in your voice the better the results. Try to use a high pitched tone of voice.

After practicing this for a few days, you can start ordering your dog to speak. Tell him to speak and then wait for him to speak. Sometimes it help if you go ahead and mimmic a dog bark yourself even if it may sound like a silly idea to you. You can also hold a cookie in your hand if you usually use a treat when teaching your dog new tricks. This will let your dog know that he is about to receive something good for doing what he's been asked for. This will allow him to be more relaxed and also help him to realize that this is just a playful, positive training session. Use of a treat is specially powerful if you have been punishing your dog before for barking.

After her very first bark on command reduce the frequency of your magic sentence when he barks on her own. But still ask him to bark a few times per day and praise him for that. Eventually you should not say anything or even go back to your "shushig" when he barks on his own. This way, he can distinguish between the two and will realize that even though he will be praised when he barks on your command, he might get punished for barking on his own or joy barking.

One more thing that can be useful here: if you're using a treat, try to give him the treat after asking him to do one more thing for you. For example, after you asked him to speak and he barked praise him with your voice, then ask him to sit and only then give him the treat. This way he won't get the idea that if he barks he will get a cookie, this is a very bad habit and unfortunately very common.

Another use of the "Speak" command is to see where you are standing in your dog's hierarchy of status, i.e. to figure out who is the alpha there, you or your dog. When you ask your dog to speak, if he just looks into your eyes and barks, it will probably means that he considers you as his equal or even worse, he thinks that he's the alpha dog and your leader; but if he is not comfortable looking into your eyes when he barks and looks in other directions, it means that he has a lot of respect for you as the leader of the pack and the alpha. congratulations!

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
11:11 pm
Gymnastic to Increase Your Horse's Flexibility
Gymnastic to Increase Your Horse's Flexibility
 by: Shannon Margolis
This exercise from eventing coach Jim Wofford's book Gymnastics: Systematic Training for Jumping Horses will help you increase your horse's gymnastic ability, balance and flexibility using cavalletti poles.
Editor's Note: This technique is one of 23 gymnastics designed to improve your horse's jumping skills that Wofford describes in his illustrated book, Gymnastics: Systematic Training for Jumping Horses.
After you have warmed your horse up at the walk, trot and canter, then trot into the exercise marked A in the sketch at right. Cavalletti set at this distance (4 ft., 6 in. apart) will produce a working trot for most horses.
These exercises are all designed for horses with some jumping experience. If your horse is extremely green he probably should not be attempting this exercise yet. However, if he is slightly inexperienced or is an experienced jumper but has not done much work over cavalletti you can pull the first and the third poles in towards the center line of the arena. This will produce a 9 ft. (2.7 m) distance between two poles. Horses find this exercise easier and will soon become stable and regular at the trot, which is always your goal. You can then put the four poles together and work in both directions over four of them on the ground. After you have established your horse's balance and rhythm here you can proceed to the curved poles in B.
At the posting trot, proceed on a circle in either direction through B. Keep your horse's direction adjusted so that the length of his step on the curve feels the same as it did over A.
Once you and your horse have become adept at this you can then start to enter, for example, closer to the 3 ft (90 cm) end of the poles where the distance is shorter and then let the horse angle away from the center of the circle. This will cause your horse to go from a working trot to a medium trot or possibly, if your angle becomes too great, even take a couple of steps of extended trot. If your horse takes two steps between the poles or breaks into a canter, you have probably asked too much flexibility from him. Aim closer to the 3 ft (90 cm) end of the curve, and enter B again at the posting trot.
Alternatively, you can enter from the outside of B, where the rails are farther apart. This will cause your horse to take quite a large step at first. Angle in towards the 3 ft (90 cm) distance between the last two poles. This will bring your horse back to a working trot or even a slightly collected trot. Having worked in both directions over B, including being able to angle both ways, you can then proceed to C.
The poles positioned at C, set at 5 ft. (1.5 m) apart, will produce the sensation of extended trot, and you may find that your horse cannot reach enough in his fourth step to get out over the last pole without "chipping in" an additional step. Simply remove the last pole and continue. You will find that, after a couple of days' work over cavalletti, your horse gets the message and you can replace the fourth pole. You should work in both directions over the 5 ft (1.5 m) poles at C until your horse can maintain his regularity and length of step. After a short break proceed to D.
These four rails on the ground, set at 4 ft. (1.2 m) apart, will produce a collected trot. Although these exercises can be ridden either posting or sitting, you should definitely use rising trot until your horse becomes adjusted to them. Again, work both ways through D until your horse is relaxed and steady in his balance and rhythm. He should be able to deal with the rails without any interruption in the flow of his movement, changing only the length of his step to adapt to the various distances that you have put in his path.
After another break you can now link these four elements together in order to produce various transitions that will be of great benefit in teaching your horse to be flexible. For example, enter A on the right hand in a working trot, where the rails are 4 ft., 6 in. (1.35 m) apart. As you leave A, turn right in such a fashion that you produce an arc through B which causes your horse to change the length of his step from working to collected trot. In other words, you would enter exercise B from the outside in. This will put your horse in a slightly collected frame. Proceed directly then to C, which will produce an extended trot. After the extended trot at C, turn right and enter the shorter cavalletti at D.
If your horse has difficulty with this you can do A, B and C as I have described and then in posting trot circle (or repeat a circle until your horse has settled down to working trot), turn and enter D, thus producing a collected trot. If you have successfully done this, walk, reward your horse and let him relax and consider his effort while you plan your next series of repetitions through these exercises. When you resume the posting trot, work in both directions and vary the relationship between the exercises to improve and confirm your horse's flexibility.
Take a moment to remind yourself of your horse's bad habits. If your horse tends to rush at the trot, he will not need too many applications of C. He should come from outside in rather than from inside out at B, as this will cause him to continually re-balance and collect his step rather than rushing forward. If, on the other hand, your horse is choppy-strided or lazy, a bit more emphasis on C and a few more repetitions at B, going from inside out, will teach him to lengthen his step.
The total amount of exercise over these rails in any one period should not exceed 45 minutes, including the periods of rest between exercises. These exercises will fit comfortably in a 75 ft. x 150 ft. (22.8 m x 45.7 m) arena.
Be sure to check out Jim Wofford's new column "Cross Country with Jim Wofford" in the May 2006 issue of Practical Horseman as he tackles the question: "What makes a great event horse?"
Wofford has represented the U.S. in eventing at three Olympics and two World Championships
2:07 am
How Food Can Help To Continue Traditions

What unique traditions does your family have on holidays? One of the mainstays of family life are the customs that happen within the walls. Each family has its unique way of celebrating and living together. Food is often the center of these traditions. We all have fond memories of cooking with our family and the wonderful smells that filled the home. There were those special recipes as well, and of course, sharing the carefully prepared meals with them.

One thing in particular, that makes cooking so delightful is the ability to keep these traditions with every new generation. Here are some tips that will help you continue these traditions with each growing generation of your family.

Gather Recipes

Your collection of holiday recipes are a reflection of who you are and the traditions you practice. Your spiced, fruit drink that you serve once a year, while you trim your tree with Christmas ornaments, that 4 layered cake you always make on your husband's birthday, and your Easter morning hot cross buns are all things that you have been admired for. You can easily document these recipes and store them in a special recipe file box. In addition, it is a great idea to make a few copies and set up a file box for each of your children and even grandchildren to give as presents.

Cooking With Your Family

One important key, is to cook with your children and grandchildren. This is an excellent way to teach them cooking skills in the kitchen that they can pass on their children as well. If you took a survey of adults who do not know how to cook, chances are, they will say that no one ever taught them how or even showed them any cooking equipment.

Try New Recipes

The vital element that helps to give family gatherings a special meaning is the food. But over time, some of its magic might be lost, unless you make it a habit to prepare new dishes every now and then. New food traditions do not have to take the place of the old ones, but they could enhance them.

For example, to add some spice to the traditional turkey served, why not add fruited ham slices on the side. Or, instead of cranberry sauce, try a marmalade relish or another new fruit. Even changing the decor of your special dinners by using a red paper table cloth, verses the traditional white one, may bring a more festive feeling to your dinner party.

Cooking is a great way to try to bring you closer to your family. By sharing the preparation of the dishes, eating together, and enjoying your traditions surrounding special family holidays is the main thing that makes this so cherished. To learn more information on how to prepare unique festive dishes and learn special cooking skills that you can share with your family, you can pick up a copy of an ebook on everything you ever wanted to know about cooking from a cooking website.

About the Author: Tom Straub is a successful author, and owner of the Best Cooking Light web site, where you can read more on gourmet cooking and a dozen other cooking topics.

shit! looking for a great italian meatball recipe?
Thursday, July 3rd, 2008
7:11 am
Chameleons As Pets
Chameleons As Pets
 by: McKay Robbins
Chameleons are appealing in appearance and their mystical ways of changing colors are fascinating. Keeping chameleon as pets could be difficult as compared to other pets as they are not very friendly and they need a lot of extra care. But if you are serious about raising a Chameleon you will find they are by far the most fascinating pets you could ever ask for.
When selecting a chameleon, it is without question best to find a captive bred one. Wild caught specimens are usually extremely stressed, carry a heavy parasite load, and difficult to acclimate to captive conditions.
Chameleons are generally best for intermediate reptile keepers. Therefore, prior reptile experience or reading would be beneficial. It is very important to have knowledge on chameleons before you keep one as pet.
Sometimes because of negligence many die due to stress, disease, improper care, dehydration or starvation hence it is very important to know about their health, diet, housing them, etc.
Depending on species, captive-bred male chameleons generally live 4 to 6 years in captivity, whereas captive-bred female chameleons live only 2 to 3 years in captivity. Wild-caught or imported chameleons do not live as long in captivity and may only live for a few months to a few years.
Before you buy a chameleon always ask your pet store where your chameleon came from and if it has been deparasitized.
They must be re-treated for parasites periodically. Ask a qualified, knowledgeable staff person or expert. If you are a beginning keeper, seek the advice of others with more experience.
Take them with you to help you choose your animal. Choose an animal with a plump, well-rounded body. Hips or backbones that are protruding are signs of several underlying problems.
Also check the eyes to see that they are bright and alert, have no "crusty" appearance, and are not sunken into the animal's head. Make sure your animal looks active, rather than lethargic.
Remember that not all species will react in the same way. Learn what to expect and make your choice based on what you have researched. If you are a beginner, you might want to start with a hardy species that is easily kept and maintained.
Sunday, June 29th, 2008
9:11 am
So What's the Deal with Organic Pet Food?
So What's the Deal with Organic Pet Food?
 by: Hanif Khaki
As you know, dog food is available in a wide variety of colours, sizes, flavors, and shapes. The real distinction is obviously the ingredients contained in the products. You may be surprised to know that the ingredient list on dog food labels reads very much like human junk food. Some ingredients are even difficult to pronounce and are borrowed from medical encyclopedias. Then of course there are dog foods that are teeming with artificial ingredients, additives and preservatives that can be harmful to pets. So just what is "Spot" to do when it comes to healthy eating?
Many pet owners are discovering organic dog foods to feed their pets. Just as we humans are conscious of what we put into our bodies, these pet owners take that same consciousness and use it to make wiser decisions about not including chemicals in their dogs' diets. Organic dog treats are the next best thing to all natural dog food, as they are free of the pesticides and insecticides that are present in many foods.
Be aware of food labels however, as they can be very confusing. Natural dog food is not the same as "organic"dog food and this can be quite misleading for many. The fact is, "natural" foods are not held to the same higher standard as "organic" foods. The USDA must certify a food as organic, in order for the food to be labelled as such. Natural dog treats are considerably less costly than their organic counterparts, and as such are not deemed as reliable. Natural foods do however guarantee the absence of food colouring and additives such as sodium metabisulfite or ethoxyquin, which are allergens linked to allergies, cancer and even brain damage.
Even though organic food servings are pricier and contain about half the amount of food in volume compared to non-organic food, dogs are reportedly more satisfied with the lesser amount due to the purity of the healthier ingredients contained. This makes the organic and non-organic dog foods very comparable in price.
The bottom line is that choosing to feed your dog organic food instead of the preservative and chemically rich non-organic food can definitely go a long way in helping your dog live a more healthy and troublefree life free of allergies, skin ailments, diabetes and cancer. An added benefit may be the lower veterinary bills brought on by your healthier dog.
For further information on this topic, be sure to consult the many resources available to you online. Enjoy your dog in good health!
Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
12:11 pm
Why Not Consider The Manchester Terrier Dog?
Why Not Consider The Manchester Terrier Dog?
 by: Blake Kritzberg
The Manchester terrier is one of those dogs that puts a lot of personality into a fairly small package. A remarkably attractive pet with a convenient smooth and short-haired coat, this terrier is one of those breeds with an interesting background stemming from the early, "working dog" days.
These terriers derive from the old black and tan terrier breed in England. Back in those days, terriers weren't known for their beauty -- to put it kindly -- but they were tireless, muscular, and keen. In fact, they were widely known as the best rat killers around, regardless of the terrain. Their skill and enthusiasm easily overcame any objections to their physical appearance, and the breed grew very popular.
At some point, a black and tan fancier crossed one of his terriers with a whippet, a far more graceful-looking dog resembling a Greyhound. The result was a beautiful dog retaining all the terrier prowess, and this new variety made quite a splash. Even so, the new dogs were also called Black and Tans until the Manchester Terrier Club finally formed in the 1920s, changing the breed name to Manchester terrier.
Despite all they have to offer, including a wonderful suitability for today's urban environments, the Manchester terrier isn't nearly as well known as it ought to be. In fact, although it enjoyed a surge in popularity sometime back, the breed is practically obscure these days, with only a few dedicated breeders sustaining it.
Yet despite our neglect, the Manchester terrier is a gorgeous breed in its own right that has contributed its beauty and brains to much more well-known breeds, like the Doberman Pinscher. Even better for urbanites, it comes in two varieties -- standard, which ranges from 12-22 pounds, and the toy breed, which is typically about 10.
It's surprisingly we don't see more of them around. Not only is the Manchester terrier a refined, alert dog boasting a rich mahogany color and an attractive, Doberman-style tan patch over each eye, he's also playful -- he'll sport for hours on end with the kids -- and happily long-lived. Like all terriers, however, this one is a natural digger, and will need some kind of outlet for his energy and keen mind.
This terrier is a much better choice for a boisterous family than the single working person who must crate his dog for most of the day. Just make sure that your children are old enough to show your terrier some respect for his "person" and not manhandle him. Finally, brainy dogs like terriers need to be taught they don't rule the roost. If you don't have a background in obedience training, you'll want to take him in for classes.
Tuesday, June 24th, 2008
2:11 am
How To Do Cat Litter Box Retraining
How To Do Cat Litter Box Retraining
 by: Nancy E. Wigal
Cats stop using the cat litter box for a number of reasons. Once you discover the reason why and correct it, you may need to re-train your cat to use her box again. Despite what you think, you can train a cat! For most cats, it's not hard. They instinctively want to use a place with sand-like material to do their business.
To re-train your cat back to her good litter box habits, confine her to one room. It's hard to say exactly for how long, but most cats are back in the habit within a week.
Pick a nice sunny room for kitty. Set up a clean cat litter box, food, water, toys, and bedding for her to sleep on. Be sure to put her food and water as far away from her litter box as possible.
Keep kitty in this room while you're gone. Many cat owners purchase kitty DVDs for their cat to watch all day long while they're gone. These DVDs feature birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and other critters that dart around. You can set up the DVD to play in a continuous loop all day long. These videos are also available in VHS tape format.
Let kitty out under your supervision. If she looks like she's heading for her favorite corner to make an illegal dump, get her back to her room immediately, and place her in the cat litter box. If she uses it, praise her.
Generally, cats "get it" very quickly. For one thing, they get lonely being in a room by themselves. For another, it's a cat's natural inclination to use a litter box. As long as you've corrected the source of her problem with the litter box, she'll go back to using it.
If you can't let your cat out and supervise her, be sure to visit kitty often. Sit in the room with her, and keep her company. Watch the DVD with her!
Confinement is not cruel if it's done properly. If your cat won't use the litter box during her confinement period, then the cat urine odor damage is limited to one room. If after a few days, your cat is still not using her cat litter box, please consult with your vet. There may a deeper issue that you simply can't tell from observation.
Saturday, June 21st, 2008
5:11 pm
The German Shepherd Dog
The German Shepherd Dog
 by: Jayne Shenstone
Dogs called German Shepherds were first exhibited at shows in Germany towards the end of the nineteenth century but they were hardly Shepherds as we know them today being rough coated, short tailed and rather resembling mongrels. The German Shepherd Dog as we now know it didn't really appear until after the Second World War.
The breed has grown enormously in popularity and is now one of the most popular pedigree breeds in the UK as a pet, it is still the favourite working breed for many forces especially the police and they are widely used for security purposes.
It is a fine sight to see a well-trained GSD with his handler, working well to serve and protect. Unfortunately one of the saddest sites is the poor GSD used to guard premises often chained up alone in some dismal filthy yard with a lifetime of incarceration and little stimulation to look forward to.
The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent beast who will show undying devotion to his master but he is a dog that needs company and stimulation to be at his best.
If you are thinking of buying a German Shepherd as a pet and you have not previously owned one, it is important to research the breed and talk to experienced owners so that you fully understand what you are taking on. GSD's do indeed make wonderful family pets but it is important to remember that this is a working breed and that they do have certain characteristics that can make them more difficult than your average Retriever, Labrador or Collie.
The characteristics of a good working GSD should be firmness of nerve, attentiveness, unshockability, tractability, watchfulness, reliability, and incorruptibility together with courage tenacity and hardness. A German Shepherd is naturally protective and territorial which is something to bear in mind if you have lots of visitors to your house when careful introduction may be required to assure your pet that the visitor is not a threat to his family.
This is also a breed that requires a lot of time, stimulation, training and exercise - you will never wear them out, they will always be ready for more. A bored, lonely GSD can be very destructive and can cause an awful lot of damage to property in a short space of time.
Perhaps some of the less endearing traits of this breed are the tendency to be very vocal which can be a big nuisance and may be a problem with neighbours. They also shed hair in copious amounts all year round so your vacuum cleaner will work overtime and it's unlikely that your clothes and furnishings will ever be free of dogs hairs again as well as what you are eating invariably being contaminated with that stray hairs.
The biggest problem with the German Shepherd Dog is the fact that to a large extent the breed is being spoilt by irresponsible breeding by inexperienced back street breeders who care nothing about preserving the breed but only about making money from the selling of puppies, Health and temperament problems are all too common, so it is important to take expert advice and try and find a reputable source if you are contemplating buying a puppy.
Consider first taking on a rescue German Shepherd Dog from a reputable rescue that should be able to give you a good assessment of a particular dog. Remember too that an older GSD will be a very rewarding addition to the family and will be housetrained, won't chew, well behaved, probably require less exercise than a young dog and will be very loyal and grateful.

Thanks! - Buying a Turtle
Saturday, June 14th, 2008
5:07 pm
Espresso Makers - Coffee Made Easy - Expresso Maker


Who doesn't love a good cup o' coffee in the morning? Nothing like that quick pick-me-up to jump start your morning and send you out the door with the energy and alertness you need to get through the day. On second thought, you don't want to just get through the day, you want to power through the day. An expresso maker may be the perfect solution to your coffee needs.

Expresso makers create a powerful and strong coffee that can really wake you up in the morning. You see, a shot of expresso is a concentrated coffee drink. Expresso is made by forcing about 1.5 ounces of hot water through finely ground and extremely tightly packed expresso coffee. Generally speaking, a shot of expresso is stronger and has a more concentrated amount of caffeine than your normal cup of black coffee.

With an expresso maker, all these drinks (plus many more) are available to you at your finger tips. Try adding in various syrups, creamers, and other ingredients for the perfect coffee drink that you crave each and every morning! Having an expresso maker was one of the best investments I've ever made. I used to spend at least $30 a week on coffee, but with a small investment of buying my expresso maker, the only expense I have now are the coffee beans and any syrups or creamers I choose to put in. In the long run, buying an expresso maker can save you a lot of money as well as provide you great expresso drinks for life!

The answer is simple: GET AN EXPRESSO MAKER!!! Seriously, a great expresso maker is one of the best investments anyone can make!

Now there are plenty of different expresso makers, expresso machines, and coffee makers out there. You could just run out of the house in a mad dash and buy the first one you see sitting on the shelf at your store of choice, but wouldn't you like to do a little research and find out which expresso maker is right for you? Well, for those of you still here, read on...

Now, if you want to make sure that you get the top of the line, cream of the crop expresso maker, you're going to want to look at some of the features that separate the men from the boys, so to speak. However, if you're just looking for a basic, back-to-basics expresso maker for your everyday coffee needs, there are many choices out there. Many expresso makers have super-neat features like stainless steal exteriors, different size coffee cups (depending on how many you are preparing coffee for), cup warmers, and all come in different shapes, colors and sizes.

Make no mistake about it; if you've read this far you obviously have an interest in the realm of coffee and expresso drinks. The time has come to buy that expresso maker you've always wanted and secretly dreamed of! So take my advice, sit down and think about how much you're willing to spend and exactly what features you need. Make no mistake; buying a quality expresso maker is one of the best investments you'll ever make!

Expresso Maker


About the Author:

Lool here! burger king
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Choosing a Bed for Your Dog
Choosing a Bed for Your Dog
 by: Charles Kassotis
Does your dog enjoy sleeping with you at night? Although cuddling with a pet can keep owner and dog warm and snuggly, keep in mind that most animals are not as clean as people, nor do they always follow the same sleep patterns. A dog can track mud, grass, and even nature's business between your sheets, not to mention fleas and ticks. He might want to go for a walk at 3 a.m. when all you want to do is sleep. These are some of the common reasons why pets deserve a bed of their own. The nesting routine is as old as time, so providing your dog with his own place to sleep can create a sense of security that will help to keep your pet calm and well adjusted, not to mention help you get a good night's sleep.
But how do you know which type of bed will best suit your canine's needs? Consider the following criteria before shopping for your dog's bedroom furniture.
1. Get the right size bed for your animal. How big will he get? If you have a large breed, get a bed with enough size to accommodate his full-grown stature. Ask the vet how tall and heavy your pet is expected to get, especially if he is a mixed breed. Then you can estimate the size of bed that will be needed. One that is too small will make your dog feel cramped, and he'll probably find another sleeping spot. On the other hand, an overly large bed could let your little Chihuahua feel insecure and unprotected, likewise leading to his hunt for a new location.
2. Train a new puppy where to sleep. Like children, pets need guidance about where to go or what to do. Keep your pet's bed in the same place to establish a routine. This might be in the laundry room, family room, the deck, or a doghouse. Don't let a puppy drag its bed all over the place or he will never learn where he's supposed to stay at night. Get in the habit of putting your dog to bed at the same time each night, and he will soon get used to it.
3. Choose durable materials. A foam mattress can provide solid support for the larger frames of full-grown pets, whereas small piece-type filling will lend more flexibility to a bed, and is better suited to small dogs or puppies. Check to be sure the cover is removable and washable, and launder it every week or two, using hot water and mild detergent to kill fleas and ticks. Teach your puppy not to chew his bedding, which will quickly destroy it and force you to buy another. A smart rap on the nose with a newspaper or a squirt of water from a spray bottle when he is caught in the act ought to do it.
4. Keep the bed out of the way to prevent accidents. Let all family members know where the bed will be kept, and tuck it into a nook or cranny where no one is likely to trip over it when carrying laundry or hurrying past that area. Your dog will be able to sleep better in a quiet, semi-protected environment.
Although buying your dog a bed should not be as time-consuming or costly as buying human furniture, it nevertheless pays to plan ahead and take time in making the best possible choice for all concerned.

Good site - Choosing Your New Puppy
Monday, June 9th, 2008
8:11 pm
Pros and Cons of Buying Pet Medicine Online
Pros and Cons of Buying Pet Medicine Online
 by: Burke Jones
Pets are many things in many ways but they are not responsible. Not outside of very limited doggy parameters. This means that you are 100% responsible for your pet's health. In this day of seemingly limitless online medication options, the only way to face this challenge is through education. Freedom of choice is only a benefit when you are familiar with the choices.
The easy availability of medications online has placed extra pressure on society to moderate its own behavior responsibly. It has placed even more pressure on human beings using the Internet to shop for pets that are entirely reliant on them for their wellbeing.
Buying pet medicine online offers a level of consumer freedom that is enough to make one dizzy. In the old days we would take our pet to our local veterinarian who would counsel us on the right way to deal with our pet's health issues. This was a relief in two obvious ways: we could be guided by an expert and we could shift a little of the weight of responsibility. Today it is possible to go online, diagnose and medicate our own pet.
This is a boon on the one hand, and a very serious danger on the other. With the aid of the Internet we are empowered to act somewhat independently of traditional channels. This is a qualified bonus only if we are almost uncomfortably aware of the fact that we do not have years of veterinary experience behind us. This awareness should hopefully make us doubly cautious as we navigate these unfamiliar waters with our newfound freedom.
The bonus is a qualified one because it should not take the place of veterinary expertise when that is appropriate. The question of how to discern when that is appropriate is the million-dollar question. Websites play experts and they do so with expertise but it is not necessarily the expertise we need.
A favorite tactic is to dot the website with white clad 'experts' who profess to a proficiency they don't have. It is important to note that the figures are often just models paid to pose with an air of authority. We need something more than a show of proficiency when it comes to the lives of our precious pets.
The bottom line is this; nothing can take the place of a visit to the veterinarian when your pet is sick. Attempting to diagnose your pet's ailment yourself can have devastating consequences. When time is of the essence, wasting it waiting for cost effective, online drugs to be shipped to your door is not only unwise but inhumane.
Buying pet medicine online has a limited application. Within these boundaries it can be both benign and cost effective. This avenue works best with repeat medications like flea, tick, worming and heart medications. If you are considering taking advantage of the online option let your vet know. He or she will have to write out a prescription for you to use when purchasing online. Many services also offer to call the vet directly. Your delivery date will be reliant on prompt communication between the online company and the veterinarian's office working together to share information.
Purchasing non-prescription drugs for your pet online is also a matter for caution and consideration. Because certain drugs do not require a prescription does not mean that they are not potentially dangerous if administered unwisely. Read instructions carefully. Good websites take their role as educator seriously. Most have extensive information online regarding dosages and side effects.
Avoid or be cautious regarding prices that are way below market on pet medications. Most legitimate companies hover in the same discount region. Outrageous savings are normally only offered by fly by night companies offering questionable product.

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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
9:32 am
Free iPod (not scam, i swear)
Hi everyone. I know I don't post to this community very often, but this is pretty cool. I found this site, http://ipods.freepay.com/?r=28893614, where you can get a free iPod. All you have to do is register for one of the free available services, refer five other people, and you'll get a free ipod nano or ipod video.

Don't worry, I'm not some crazy spammer or part of any "congo line", but this is the real deal. I did some research, and I found this two articles: http://www.geek.com/news/geeknews/2004Aug/gee20040819026544.htm and http://www3.netmart.com/free-ipod.htm. Both of the articles say that this particular site has been around for a while, and actually is legit.

If you guys are interested, it's pretty easy. Just register on the site, then choose one of the offered free trials (I would personally suggest the RealArcade trial, because Real/RealPlayer is an authentic and reliable company/program. Not only is it free, but I immediately ended my trial after beginning it). After that, just get five other people to register and you should get an iPod.

Thanks for reading my post. Bye everyone.
Sunday, March 26th, 2006
1:35 pm

'Peek-a-boo Im always watching u'

Handicap stall at the On the Border on Route One, New Brunswick, New Jersey

[Please excuse the horrible cell phone camera quality!]
Thursday, February 16th, 2006
10:23 pm
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