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Faberlic Cosmetics

Faberlic oxygen cosmetics is a relatively new kid on the block of party plan home business companies, having been around for a mere 13 years. However, during that relatively short space of time, they have turned themselves into a multi-national company on a par with great names such as Avon and Oriflame. If you are interested in the Faberlic cosmetics opportunity, is this a good home business for you to invest in?

Faberlic have cornered a remarkable corner of the cosmetics industry in a remarkable corner of the world - Russia. Using the data from recent research by their scientists, they have created a range of products that work by supplying oxygen to skin cells for up to 8 hours a day.

Recognising the degenerative reaction skin has to drop in atmospheric oxygen to around 17-19%, they have perfected a portfolio of cosmetics designed to combat the premature aging process and arrest the reduction of skin firmness and elasticity.

More about Faberlic

Although not the only company to specialise in oxygen cosmetics, they are one of the first to recognise the benefits of offering it as a home business opportunity. Relatively little is known in the worldwide market place about these products and it will no doubt be of major interest in the years to come as new research is received.

Is Faberlic a good home business for you to invest in?

Looking at the opportunity, it would certainly be suitable to invest in if you have a modern outlook and enjoy new research. By nature of the Faberlic product, you would need to give some kind of scientific explanation. You will also need the ability to be interested in the details yourself, but also get them over to your buyer in a non-stuffy, laid-back way. Not a lot of parties will want to be hit with blinding science, so a love of practical demonstration will be an absolute must.

And you must also have the confidence to sell the product. Faberlic does not have the history of Avon or Oriflame cosmetics to rest on, and both of these products can easily sell themselves by virtue of their name and brochure content. Also, if you really do not like to 'sell', it will be unlikely to be the best home business for you to invest in.
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